Cherritos Coffee- Monsoon Malabar (Medium Dark Roast)

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Product Description:
Monsoon Malabar is the name that first comes to mind when people think of Indian Specialty Coffee. This homegrown blend, with earthy notes and just a touch of spice, finishes deep and nutty with minimal acidity. The brew is smooth with earthy notes of oak. It has a rich body that’s sure to please even the most discriminating coffee snob. Cherritos Monsoon Malabar coffee is a special blend of four different Arabica bean from the Western Ghats mountains. Each coffee is meticulously picked, sun-dried and blended to produce a smooth brew with earthy notes. With origins dating back five generations, Monsoon Malabar is the name that comes to mind when people in India think of coffee. Brew it as espresso or Turkish style, and sit back and enjoy. Long before coffee beans ever touched this soil, there was Monsoon Malabar. It is a homegrown blend that has perfected the art of creating low acidity with heavy flavor. Take a sip of this coffee and sink into its rich, smooth flavor. Take a breath of the enticing aroma. This is the feeling you get when you drink the Monsoon Malabar Coffee. We tirelessly work to bring you a drink that will make your day just right. From our tender care and coffee selection to the rich taste of our premium blend, it’s what makes Monsoon Malabar your first choice.


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