Cherritos Dark Roast- Apple Spiced Ginger Instant Coffee

M.R.P: 225   Price: 225
50 gm

Product Description:

While the numerous benefits of fresh ginger are well known, dry ginger or dry ginger powder is known to be equally effective. What more, you can use it in your daily dose of coffee. In fact, dry ginger coffee or chukku kaapi or sukku kaapi is an important beverage down south which not only makes for an aromatic beverage but is also known to boost immunity.

Made by brewing dry ginger with coffee powder, the herbal concoction is often made in many parts of Kerala and Tamil Nadu when there is a nip in the air.

As a home remedy for cold, cough and digestion, the beverage’s ability is enhanced by black pepper, cumin seeds and holy basil. The spicy and sweet beverage’s aroma is said to open up nasal blocks and provide instant relief from throat infections and even fever too. You could compare it to a North Indian Kaadha, which is also a herbal concoction known to bring instant relief.



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