Cherritos Coffee- Signature Blend (Dark Roast)

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Product Description:
Cherritos Signature blend Coffee has been hand selected by a select group of passionate coffee enthusiasts. We take pride in providing a variety of flavors that will complement any dietary needs. Our beans are roasted in small batches for superior flavor and aroma. Our source full coffee provides us with unrivaled natural nutrition as well as caffeine content that will leave you feeling energized instead of tired! Our Signature Blend Coffee has a flavor profile that is heavily influenced by the various coffees we combine to make our blend. If you like a dark roasted coffee, you will enjoy the full, nutty flavor of our Signature Blend Coffee. The rich, roasted aroma of the Signature Blend coffee will fill your kitchen and home with a fresh and fragrance. These 100% Arabica beans were grown at high altitude. The result is an expertly blended gourmet coffee that provides a smooth taste with hints of chocolate and nutty flavor. In their quest to find the ideal foil for Arabica beans, the Basket team sought out the indefinite flavor of the gourmet coffee. They found their match in this special blend, and had it custom crafted in small batches. This unique blend was created using the world’s finest coffee beans from around the globe. The secret to this delicious blend is the perfect harmony of fruitiness and sweetness.


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