Everest Turmeric Powder

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Product Description :
Haldi is the grand ingredient that makes kings out of all Indian dishes. A staple in India cuisine, this spice can add flavour, aroma and texture to any and every dish. Everest is a brand that is known for its various spices and condiments. Its turmeric powder is a high quality one that can be found in leading stores.
This yellowy spice is also known as the Indian Saffron. Picked from the finest farm lands, haldi in its purest form is boiled and dried before it is ground to a powder at the hygienic and well established industrial set up of an Everest spice mill. This 500 gram pouch is then vacuum sealed to keep the freshness intact.
How to Use
While haldi or turmeric powder is used mainly while cooking the seasoning of various Indian dishes like dals, vegetables, and curries, it can also be used to marinate fish.


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