Haldirams Phalhari Chiwda

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Product Description :
Haldiram's Phalhari Chiwda is a popular snack produced by Haldiram's, a well-known brand in the Indian snack industry. Phalhari Chiwda is specifically crafted to cater to those following a fasting or "vrat" diet, as it is made using ingredients that are permissible during such religious observances. It is a light and crispy snack that can be enjoyed during fasting periods or as a regular snack.

Key Features :
- Fasting-Friendly: Haldiram's Phalhari Chiwda is specially made to comply with fasting or vrat restrictions. It is prepared using ingredients that are typically allowed during fasting periods.
- Light and Crispy: Phalhari Chiwda is known for its light and crispy texture, making it a satisfying and enjoyable snack option.
- Nutritious Ingredients: The chiwda is typically made from ingredients such as potato flakes, peanuts, raisins, cashews, and spices. These ingredients can provide some nutritional value, including protein and healthy fats.

Ingredients :
- Typically include potato flakes, peanuts, raisins, cashews, vegetable oil, spices, and salt.

How to Use :
- Haldiram's Phalhari Chiwda is ready-to-eat and can be consumed as a snack during fasting periods or as desired. It can be enjoyed directly out of the package or paired with other fasting-friendly foods.

Benefits :
- Fasting Compliance: Haldiram's Phalhari Chiwda is designed to meet the dietary restrictions of individuals observing fasting or vrat periods.
- Satisfying Snack: The light and crispy texture of the chiwda make it a delightful snack option to enjoy during fasting or as a regular snack.
- Nutritional Value: The ingredients used in Phalhari Chiwda, such as peanuts and cashews, can provide some protein and healthy fats, offering a modest nutritional benefit.

Storage :
- Haldiram's Phalhari Chiwda should be stored in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight and moisture. It is best to keep it sealed in its original packaging or transfer it to an airtight container to maintain its freshness and crispness.


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