Kapu &Rancho Internacional Red Chilli Powder -1000Gm (1Kg)

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Sourced from Gujrat: The chilli powder is sourced from gir somnath region in Gujrat, which is famous for its chillies. Excellent Foods Premium Quality Red Chili Powder is created from whole, ripe chili peppers, made up dried then grounded to a fine coarse powder. It adds a pleasing flavor and a strong aroma to your chicken, meat rubs, stews, sauces, salads, soups, dressings and so more!. Specifications: Chilli Powder usually blended with curries, dals, meats, poultry, sprinkled on raw mangoes along with table salt. Used as needed to make dishes spicy. Taste Enhance, Rich color Helps in weight-loss Cures stomach ulcers Useful to treat osteoporosis Builds immunity. We use only the best quality raw materials and other ingredients to create the products. Store in a cool and dry place, preferably in an air tight container for lasting flavor and life.


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