Ram Bandhu Special Udad Papad

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200 gm

Product Description :
Ram Bandhu Special Udad Papads are made with the finest quality of ingredients used keeping in mind the traditional home taste. They use special urad dal, moong dal, and asafoetida along with black pepper to enhance your taste buds. Its machine-made papad attributed through all the quality analysis. Special efforts are taken in the process to make papad crispier.
Ingredients :
- Dal Flour 166%1, Moong Dal Flour 122%1, Edible Cotton Seed Oil. Edible Common Salt, Fulkhar Raising Agent (Sodium Carbonate INS 500(ii). Sodium 8i-Carbonate INS 5001111), Black Pepper 11.5%), Compounded Asafoetida
Storage :
- Store in a cool and dry place


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