Rambandhu Chakali Masala

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50 gm

Product Description :
- A common Indian snack is chakali, commonly referred to as murukku. Ram Bandhu created the Chakali Masala, a novel product that combines spices. In the past, chakali was more widely consumed and frequently made during festivals, but as of late, it has gained popularity as one of the nation's favourite snacks due to its mouthwatering flavour. Making amazing chakalis is guaranteed with Rambandhu's Chakali Masala. You only need to add the masala to the dal pith and some homemade love to fry up crispy, crunchy, mouthwatering chakalis that will have you craving more.
- Rambandhu’s Chakali Masala is the sure fire way to making awesome chakalis. Just add the masala to dal pith and add some homemade love and presto cook up crispy, crunchy delectable chakalis which leave you asking for more.


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