Ramdev Chilli Powder

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200 gm

Product Description :
Of the many flavours associated with Indian cuisine, Chilli is the most emphatic. Not surprisingly, its scorching aroma has an unforgettable effect. Ramdev Chilli Powder is produced from the best quality Chillies from select Indian farms handpicked, sifted and fully de-stalked.
- (In powder form) - Chillies, Fenugreek, Iodised Salt, Mustard, Mustard Oil, Compounded Asafoetida.
Health Benefits
- Ramdev Chilli Powder also helps you fill up on vitamins and antioxidants. Hence, it is known to have several health benefits. The hot pepper can prove to be an ally in slimming because it is rich in Capsaicin which helps burn more calories in our body.
Ramdev Chilli Powder is known for its vibrant natural colour which comes from the choicest of chillies and perfect pungency that is due to the unmatched quality of dried chillies used. Shop Ramdev Chilli Powder and use it in any dishes across any cuisine worldwide.
Storage Condition
Store in a cool and dry place.


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