Satyam Badishop Roasted

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  • Badishop are flavourable herbs that are generally used as a mouth freshener after lunch or dinner. They have a faint sweet and refreshing flavor.
  • Roasted Fennel Seeds Are Consumed As Mukhwas An After Meal Digestive And Breath Freshener. Fennel Seeds Contains Vitamin C, Potassium,Manganese, Iron And Fiber. Fennel Whole Seeds Is Also Rich In Phytonutrients And Has High Concentration Of Volatile Oils. It Has Many Health Benefits.
  • Use To Flavour Fish, Meat And Vegetable Dishes, As Well As Breads And Chutneys. You Can Also Chew The Whole Seeds As A Breath-Freshener, And They'Re Believed To Aid Digestion, Too.