Suhana Anda Burji Mix

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50 gm

Product Description :
- Also, Known as Egg khagina or Anda Bhurji, Egg Bhurji is a favourite street food of northern and western India. Quick to rustle up, the lip smacking egg preparation features a melange of sauteed onions, chopped green chillies, tomatoes and fiery spices. Suhana Egg bhurji mix helps you make the hugely satisfying 'nukkad wali' Egg Bhurji in minutes at home.
- No added MSG, no artificial flavours, no added colours & preservatives
- Lip-smacking taste, super convenient & cooks in minutes
- Low Temperature Grinding so that the spices retains its Freshness and Aroma.
- Reduce cooking preparation time by using Suhana spice mixes range
- Use 'Suhana Anda Bhurji' to create a truly memorable meal!
- Each Pack Serves 4
- 3 Step Recipe | Best Before 12 Months


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