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By Nature Pumpkin Seeds 100g

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100 gm

Product Description :
- 100% natural, preservative-free, raw, large sized, shelled pumpkin seeds.
- Rich source of protein and minerals like magnesium, sodium and iron.
- Can be consumed raw or roasted to get all the pumpkin seeds health benefits.
- A healthy and tasty snack for the whole family.
- Helps lower blood pressure, reduces stress, and regulates blood sugar levels
Benefits :
- Improves Heart Health
- Boosts Immunity
- High in Protein & Minerals
- Anti-inflammatory
Storage :
Store in an air-tight container after opening the pack. Best before six months from date of packaging.
How To Use :
Our pumpkin seeds can be consumed raw or roasted. Either way, our shelled pumpkin seeds taste delicious as an evening time snack. Toss pumpkin seeds to your salad for extra crunch. Add it to your cereals.

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