Lettuce Iceberg (approx 250 - 300 gm)

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1 pc

Product Description:
Many people consider iceberg lettuce to be inferior to nutrition concerning other types of lettuce.
Lettuce, along with other raw vegetables can be made a part of quick salad preparation. Because of its versatile nature, lettuce is a part of a nutritious diet plan.
You can buy iceberg lettuce online to prevent the hassle of stepping out of your homes.

Nutritional Profile:
- 10 % of vitamin A
- 3 % of vitamin C
- 1 % of calcium keeps bones and teeth healthy
- It also supports muscle function, nerve function, and blood clotting.

Health Benefits:
- As part of a healthy diet, iceberg lettuce can increase fibre and water intake.
- Vitamin A in the lettuce is a powerful antioxidant that helps to maintain night vision and eye health. It also supports cell growth.
- Presence of vitamin C helps to keep your immune system healthy.
- Calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, and vitamin K present in lettuce are essential for healthy bones.


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