Everest Sambhar Masala

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Product Description :
This Everest blend is suited to all kinds of Sambhar preparations.
Sambhar is a wonderful recipe from the South of India and can be aptly described as a 'designer health food'. The various dals, vegetables, spices and condiments that go into a typical Sambhar give all the nutrients the body needs.
Sambhar can be had with rice as a South Indian does it almost every day, or with Idlis, Vadas, Potato Vadas etc. Sambhar, especially with Idlis has gained universal acceptance in India and is considered an excellent diet food.
Asafoetida, Bengal Gram, Black Gram, Cassia, Chilli, Common Salt, Coriander, Cumin, Curry Leaf, Fenugreek, Pigeon Pea (Toovar Dal), Rice, Tamarind, Turmeric
How To Use
Add 1 heaped tbsp. of Everest Sambhar Masala and simmer before serving.


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