FARM 29 Japatri- Premium Quality Whole Mace from Farmers (TAOPL-1039)

M.R.P: 258   Price: 181 30% off
20 gm

Product Description:
-Premium Quality: Expertly sourced and processed for a top-tier product.
-Fresh from Farmers: Directly sourced from farmers for the highest quality and support of local agriculture.
-Whole Mace: Add depth and complexity to your dishes with the unique flavor and aroma of whole mace.
-Versatile: Perfect for use in a variety of dishes, from sweet to savory.
-GRATIFYING TASTE : Nutmeg Mace provides a lighter, more gratifying taste. Mace is offered in it’s whole form to maintain every aspect of the spices lavor, color as well as aroma and sent to your doorstep within just days of harvest. Mace spice enhances color, taste and flavor of foods.
-Convenient Pack Size: 20gm pack ensures you'll have enough for multiple dishes.


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