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Organic Onion/Organic Kanda

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Onion is a key ingredient of Indian cuisine. It is one of the most cultivated vegetables from the genus allium species that grow under-ground. It is available in several variants. It is found in Indian food as a flavor ingredient that certainly adds nutritional benefits to human health.

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Nutritional Profile:

Onions, especially the organic onions, are a highly nutritional vegetable that offers several nutrients. It is a source of vitamin B and vitamin C along with the minerals and potent bioactive compounds. In contains a good amount of fiber as it offers 1.7 grams of fiber per 100 grams of intake. It has fructans that are soluble fibers, which makes organic onion even more beneficial to health.

Health Benefits:






  1. Onion Salad

Ingredients: Ring chopped onions- 1-2 (Medium sized), curd- 1 small bowl, coriander leaves, green chilies, black pepper powder, salt

Cooking Steps: Soak ring-chopped onion in curd for a few minutes. Add salt, chopped red chilies, and black pepper powder for taste. Garnish with coriander leaves before serving.


  1. Onion rings

Ingredients: ring cut onions- 1-2(Medium sized), buttermilk- (1/2 bowl), oil, salt

Cooking Steps:  Soak ring cut onion in water for 5 minutes. Take them out and marinate with buttermilk and salt for a few minutes. Deep fry them in oil.

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