Mint leaves/Pudina

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Mint, being aromatic, is also known as Mentha Spicata and is a perennial herb. It is commonly known as pudina in India and is widely used in chutneys, relishes, salads, sauces and teas in Indian cooking. The colour of mint leaves ranges from dark green and grey-green to purple, blue and sometimes pale yellow. This herb can be used fresh or in the dried form.


Nutritional profile


100 gms of mint leaves contains:

  • Calories- 70g
  • Fat- 0.9 g
  • Cholesterol- 0 g
  • Sodium- 31 mg
  • Potassium- 569 mg
  • Carbohydrate- 15 g
  • Protein- 3.8 g


Health benefits

  • Peppermint oil made from mint leaves helps in relieving indigestion.
  • Mint leaves help in improving cold, congestion and breathing problems.
  • Mint leaves are used in the manufacturing of many multi-flavoured chewing gums, which helps people to get rid of their bad breath.



  • Mint is often paired with berries to make a Greek berry mint yogurt.
  • We can even use mint leaves to make a salad, which contains watermelon, basil, mint etc.
  • Mint has an extremely refreshing and soothing effect on the skin, which acts on blemishes, thereby making the skin look more brightened.
  • Mint has antibacterial properties that help in making the skin acne-free.
  • Mint helps in keeping skin pores clean and tightens them. This helps in removing the blackheads and in preventing them from reoccurring.




1. Mint Mojito

Ingredients: 10 large mint leaves, 1 tbsp sugar, 2½ ounces white rum, 1 tbsp lemon juice, soda water, fresh mint leaves for garnishing, and sliced lemons for garnishing


Cooking steps: Make a thin paste by crushing mint, sugar and white rum. Add rest of the rum and strain the mixture. Add some ice cubes into the mixture. Now add lemon juice and pour some soda water. Now garnish it with a slice of lemon and some mint leaves.


2. Mint Chutney

Ingredients: Mint leaves, coriander leaves, garlic cloves, 1 inch of ginger, lemon juice, salt and water.


Cooking steps: Take garlic, ginger and salt in a small jar and grind them to form a thin paste. Now add coriander leaves, mint leaves, lemon juice and water, and grind this mixture again. Delicious mint chutney is ready to serve. You can have it with sandwiches or parathas.


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