Coriander Leaf / Kothmir / Hara Dhaniya Patta

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Coriander (Herb), commonly known as Dhaniya or Kothmeer, is a key ingredient in Indian culinary style. It has small green leaves/patti with a soft and tender stem similar to western cilantro. No dish is complete without sprinkling fresh coriander on top and giving a desi touch to its taste.

About this Item:

- Coriander leaves serve impressive health benefits as they are rich in dietary fibers and protein with almost negligible fats and cholesterol.
- Dhaniya or coriander leaf is excellent anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties used for medicinal purposes.
- Besides, its leaves contain carotenoids which improve vision and keep disorders at bay.
- All our items are sanitized and packed to ensure maximum safety.

Coriander is available in fresh and dry forms to improve the taste and texture of dishes. You may also need dhaniya sukha while preparing delicious meals. Buy such more items online from Adibuja and get every order delivered to your doorstep at affordable market prices.


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