Mushroom Button

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Product Description:
Mushroom button belongs to the family of Agaricaceae, and has two colours, white and brown. The mushroom button is known as common mushroom, white mushroom, cultivated mushroom, table mushroom, and champignon mushroom. 

It grows above the ground and looks like a small umbrella; the mushroom is brown with a cap measuring 4–6 inches (10–15 cm). This mushroom is found in fields and grassy areas that belong to the family of fungus wild species. It is nearly found in supermarkets and malls and is now cultivated in at least seventy countries throughout the world.

Nutritional Profile:
- Mushroom button contains 2.5% carbohydrates, 4% protein, 1% fat, and 3% fibre.

- Mushroom button contains vitamins such as 4% folates, 7% thiamine 0%, vitamin A, 3.5% vitamin C, 1% vitamin D, and minerals such as 35% copper, 6% iron, 2% magnesium and less than 1% calcium.

Health Benefits:
- Mushroom button contains vitamin D, which is essential for fat-soluble and vitamins required for bone growth and calcium metabolism.

- Mushroom button contains iron, which is essential for blood cell production.
- It contains riboflavin (vitamin B-2), which reduces ulcers in the mouth and skin rashes.
- Mushrooms button is low in calories.

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