Drumstick/Shevgyachya Shenga

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Product Description:
Drumstick is a seed pod like peas and belongs to the Moringaceae family. This vegetable is mostly grown in India, where it is commonly known as shevga or shevgyachya shenga, and a lot of people living in South India use it in their diet on a regular basis, especially to make sambar.

Nutritional Profile:
- This vegetable is a very good source of vitamin C, and it is high in fibre.

- Even after boiling it, it retains a large quantity of vitamin C; therefore, it can be cooked and still fulfil the vitamin C requirement.

Health Benefits:
- The rich fibre content in drumstick helps to improve gut health and digestion.

- Drumstick improves the blood sugar level and is beneficial for diabetic patients.

- Water purification: Drumstick seeds are used to purify water. Adding some drumstick seed powder to the impure water will separate the dirt from the water and can be used for drinking.


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