Guava/Amrood Fruit

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Product Description:
Savour the green guavas along with hard, pale yellow edible seeds. The off-white flesh is crunchy and mildly sweet with very good fragrance.


- Guavas reduce the risk of diabetes and regulate blood pressure levels.

- They are rich in vitamin A, C, folate, fiber, lycopene and other essential minerals. Help in improving eye health.

Storage and Uses:

- Ripe guavas can be stored in the refrigerator. They get softer and sweeter as they are kept at room temperature for ripening.
- Do not eat them on empty stomach.Guavas be eaten fresh. Slightly raw ones are added in salads.
- Used in making juices, smoothies, desserts. Give a touch of spice to guava pieces by sprinkling with salt and chilli powder.



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