Muskmelon Small/Khurbooja Small (Weight around 400gm-600gm)

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Product Description: 
Muskmelon, melon, or Cucumis melo is a member of the Cucumis species cultivated into many varieties that belong to the gourd family. It is available in netted, smooth, and ribbed skin with a sweet, musky, or non-musky aroma. Muskmelons are closely related to watermelon, zucchini, and pumpkin plants.

One of its recent and popular varieties is known as cantaloupe, which can be further categorized as European and North American cantaloupe. They have slight differences in taste, skin, and textures, as European cantaloupe has sweet flesh and green skin; North American has a distinct flavor and netted appearance.

Nutritional Value:
Muskmelon is a nutrient-rich fruit with several essential vitamins and minerals the body requires. Here is the complete list of nutrients present in 1 cup (diced) cantaloupe or melon: Calories 53 gm, fiber 2 gm, carbohydrates 13 gm, vitamin C 64% RDI, vitamin A 29% RDI, potassium 9% RDI, protein 1gm, folate 8% RDI, magnesium 5% RDI.

Note: Muskmelon has different varieties available in the market, such as honeydew and cantaloupe. However, they have slight differences in the nutritional profile that serve similar health benefits.

*RDI = Reference Daily Intake

Health Benefits:
Muskmelon is one of the great sources of Vitamin C that serves impressive health benefits. Seasonal consumption of this fruit can improve overall immunity. Muskmelon is also a rich source of vital antioxidants such as ellagic acid and caffeic acid, which protects our body against harmful free radicals and may prevent life-threatening heart conditions.

It is a low-calorie fruit that can aid weight loss and decrease inflammation with its exceptional anti-inflammatory properties.


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