Watermelon / Tarbuj / Kalingad (Weight around 2kg-3kg)

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Product Description:
Watermelon is a vine-like flowering fruit. It looks like a huge berry that has a thick dark green rind and a juicy red flesh. Although, watermelon is a fruit but yet grown like a vegetable in gardens. Every bite of watermelon tastes like water and sugar because it is all full of water and little sugar. Hence, its name makes a complete sense. The outer rind of the watermelon is also edible; it is cooked as a delicious vegetable in various countries.

Nutritional Profile (2 Kg)
- Calories: 550
- Total fat: 0.12 grams
- Cholesterol: 0 mg
- Sodium: 16 mg
- Carbohydrates: 200 grams
- Protein: 11 grams
- Potassium: 896 mg
- Vitamin C: 72%
- Vitamin A: 25%

Health Benefits:
- Watermelon is known to lower down the blood sugar levels.
- As watermelon is rich in inflammatory antioxidants and vitamin C, it reduces inflammation and oxidative problems.
- There is a presence of amino acids in watermelon that help in reducing muscle soreness and relax the body. 
- Owing to its high water content, you will feel well hydrated after eating it.
- Vitamin A and C present in watermelon are very helpful for healthy skin and hair.
- The high amount of water present in watermelon improves digestion and bowel movements.
- The watermelon has rich nutritional compounds that can fight against cancer.


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