Ridge Gourd/Turai/Dodka/Beerakaya/Peerkangai

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Ridge gourd is one of the important vegetables in Asian countries. This plant is grown as the house plant in gardens. This vegetable belongs to the cucumber family and scientifically called as Luffa.

It is generally dark green in colour with the soft white colour flesh inside and is one of the main dishes in South Indian. This vegetable is known as Turai in India.


Nutritional Profile


Ridge gourd is rich in fibre and minerals like vitamin C, iron, magnesium, zinc, etc.


Health Benefits


  • As ridge gourd is rich in fibre, it helps promote the digestive health.
  • Used in weight loss programs as this containing low calories and carbohydrates.
  • Consumption of this vegetable works as the anti-diabetic and can be free from diabetics. 


Cooking Recipes


1. Ridge Gourd Curry

Ingredients: 1tbsp cumin and mustard seeds, 4 tbsp of oil, few curry leaves, 1 chopped onion, 3 chopped tomatoes, 3 ridge gourds, ¼ tbsp turmeric, 3 tbsp chilli powder, and salt to taste


Cooking Steps: Take a pan and add oil to it along with cumin and mustard seeds, few curry leaves, chopped onion and sauté them for a minute. Then add chopped tomatoes and ridge gourds followed by turmeric powder, chilli powder, and salt to taste. Mix well and cover the lid for 5-10 minutes and serve. A perfect combo with rice.


2. Ridge Gourd Pakora

Ingredients: 1 cup gram flour, 1/2 tbs chilli powder, 1/4 tbsp carom seeds, 1/4 tbs fennel seeds, water, salt to taste


Cooking Steps: Take a bowl to add gram flour, salt to taste, chilli powder, carom seeds, Fennel Seeds, and add enough water. Make it as the batter and dip the roundly sliced ridge gourd in it and deep fry in the oil. Serve with tomato ketchup.



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