French Bean/Fansi

French Bean/Fansi

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French bean is a member of the Fabaceae family and contains unripe seeds. Commonly known as fansi in India, these beans are also known as snap beans because they break easily on bending.


Nutritional profile


  • 3.5 oz of French beans contains at least 15% of vitamin C, which is a major content of French beans.
  • It is also rich in carbohydrates and fibre.


Health benefits


  • The high amount of folate present in French beans help to decrease the risk of depression.
  • French beans are a great source of vitamin K and hence maintains bone health.




  • Diet food: French beans contain no fats in them; therefore, it accounts for the best diet vegetable.




1. Baked French Bean Fries

Ingredients: Fresh French beans, ground cracker biscuits, 1 cup grated cheese, 1 tsp red chilli powder, 1 tsp garlic powder, salt according to taste, and 2 eggs.


Cooking Steps: Mix the biscuit powder and all spices thoroughly. Beat two eggs in a different bowl. Dip French beans in the eggs first and then in the powdered mixture. Next, bake them at 218 degree C for 10–15 minutes. Serve hot.


2. French Beans Poriyal

Ingredients: 4-5 curry leaves, chopped garlic, 3–4 chopped green chili, 1 tbsp soaked dehusked black gram lentils (optional), 1 tsp black mustard seeds, 1 medium chopped onion, 2–3 tbsp coconut powder, 150 grams chopped French beans, ¼ Tsp turmeric powder, oil, and 1 tsp salt.


Cooking Steps: Take some oil in a pan on medium flame. Fry all the ingredients and add spices in it. Cover it with a lid and cook it on low flame for 10 minutes. Add coconut powder and cook it for 3 more minutes. French beans poriyal is ready and can be served with some tamarind chutney.

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