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Potatoes, a root vegetable, is a staple food in Indian kitchens. Potato is perhaps the only vegetable that provides the flexibility of cooking choices. Potatoes can be cooked on its own and also in combination with other vegetables.
One of the major reasons for potato being used in every Indian cuisine is that they are the option for vegetarians and a rich source of starch.

Nutritional Profile:
Potatoes are full of nutrients and are an excellent source of vitamins and minerals. One baked potato has:
- 161 calories
- 4.3 grams of proteins
- 0.2 grams of fats
- 36.6 grams carbs

Health Benefits:

- Potatoes are good for bone health as it contains calcium, magnesium, iron, and phosphorous, all of which help maintain the bone structure.
- Including potatoes in your diet helps in maintaining a normal blood pressure level in the body as it contains potassium, which is as essential as having a low sodium intake. 
- It is beneficial for heart health, as well. Vitamin B6 & C, potassium, and potato fiber, with less cholesterol, all help maintain good heart health. 

- Potato, along with having many nutritional properties, also has stain-removing properties. Also, this can be used for lightening dark circles. 
- Potatoes can also be used for cleaning windows, car windscreen, and even eyeglasses. 
- If your cutlery is cloudy, you can use a potato to clean those and make them shine.


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